Alameda & Contra Costa Misdemeanors Attorney

Attorney Diego E. Ortiz lives, breathes and loves the law. He has been practicing mostly criminal law for 27 years and sincerely believes in his profession and his practice. In his years of practice, Oakland Attorney Diego E. Ortiz has represented clients with almost every kind of charge. He helps people with misdemeanors and felonies, at the state and federal level. He has successfully appealed through the state and federal courts.

Misdemeanors in Alameda & Contra Costa include a variety of charges,which can be dealt with using different strategies.

Misdemeanor DUI and Drug Charges

First offense DUI charges are usually misdemeanors, meaning that if you get jail time, it can only be up to one year. DUI and drug charges have possible extra penalties, such as driver’s license suspension or rehabilitation.

Even after you get past your case, you need to keep in mind that the first conviction can be used against you in a similar kind of case. For instance, you can be imprisoned for the first offense misdemeanor DUI for up to six months, but you can be imprisoned up to a year for a second offense. Alameda & Contra Costa County Attorney Diego E. Ortiz will inform you of all these possibilities so you can make the most informed decisions.

Other Penalties and Charges

Any misdemeanor conviction can cause you to be ordered to pay court costs or serve time on probation. If you are on probation, you will need to understand the rules so you can follow them carefully.

Gun charges are also very important. If you are convicted of illegally possessing or improperly concealing a firearm,there can be future consequences. Theft can be a misdemeanor or felony, so you should try to get the best result.

Free Evaluation of Your Case

If you are facing a misdemeanor criminal charge in Alameda or Contra Costa County and think you want an attorney with decades of skills and experience, you can come discuss your case for free. You will have an opportunity to explain your circumstances and work out a payment arrangement.

Not being able to pay up front shouldn’t keep you from getting the help you need. At The Law Offices of Diego E. Ortiz, we offer excellent, aggressive representation for reasonable prices. Call us for help today.